The 8 things you need to do to relieve your uvulitis and keep your uvula healthy

As crucial as it is to treat your uvulitis early, it is even more important to treat it properly. We now know that the only sure way to completely overcome your uvula problems (without surgery) is to treat all 8 underlying causes of uvulitis simultaneously. This is where most uvulitis sufferer’s miss the mark and the main reason why so many treatment attempts fail to cure the problem for good. Remember, unless you target all 8 causes of uvulitis at the same time, there is a good chance your uvulitis will find its way back and cause continual damage.

Here are 8 things you need to do to find fast, long lasting uvulitis relief
and protect your uvula from serious damage:

1. Quickly relieve uvula inflammation – Inflammation is the single most damaging aspect of uvulitis. It is responsible for the painful symptoms, the tissue destruction, the loss of uvula function and even a contributing factor for uvula cancer (free radical damage). On the positive side, easing the inflammation is the fastest way to relieve the irritation and limit the damage to your uvula tissue. The key however is to combine the inflammation reduction with treating the other six underlying causes if you want the uvula to recover quickly and completely.

2. Promote proper healing of uvula tissue injuries – Whether your uvula has been irritated by an infection, physical trauma, stomach acid or any of the other causes of uvulitis, it is essential to provide it with nourishing compounds that promote its recovery. Simply relying on your body’s healing process to take its natural course does not always lead to optimal tissue repairs. In fact, in the case of uvulitis it can often lead to scar tissue formation which leaves part of your uvula’s function permanently disabled. You have to steer your body’s repair process in the right direction to ensure healthy tissue regeneration so that your uvula completely recovers with its function fully intact.

3. Provide your uvula with antimicrobial support against viruses, bacteria and fungi – Yes all three and not just when you have an infection. When protecting your uvula against harmful pathogens it is important to provide it with antimicrobial compounds that fight all three types of microbes simultaneously because simply focusing on one type of pathogen may allow another microbial threat to go untreated or even worse, it can cause another microbe to become dominant and cause a secondary infection (for example, while antibiotics kill bacteria, they can promote fungal overgrowth.)

4. Defend your uvula against acid exposure – The pH of a healthy uvula is around 7 (neutral). The three common sources of uvula acid exposure come from acidic foods, the conversion of carbohydrates into acids by bacteria in our mouth and stomach acid. These acids can eat their way through the exposed epithelium of the uvula and cause devastating tissue damage. It is crucial to neutralize these acidic fluids by nourishing our uvula with alkaline compounds that create a pH barrier which constantly prevents erosive damage.

5. Calm uvula surface hypersensitivity to allergens – When the underlying cause of uvulitis is an allergic response, the problem is fueled by a hyperactive immune system that falsely detects harmless substances as a threats and launches unnecessarily harsh immune attacks on the uvula tissue. Fortunately, this imbalance can be reversed by calming the immune system’s over-activity so that it no longer attacks a false threat on the uvula surface and allows it to remain inflammation-free.

6. Soothe & repair uvula ulcerations – A damaged tissue cannot heal properly with an open sore, which is what a uvula ulceration essentially is. One of the key factors that determines how fast a uvula ulceration heals is how effectively you shield its outer lining and coat it with soothing agents that neutralize the threat that caused the ulcer.

7. Reestablish your uvula’s moisture barrier – This is one of the best things you can do to help fortify your uvula’s defenses against ongoing threats it encounters on a daily basis. Since our uvula’s moisture comes from the secretions of the salivary glands and seromucous glands located on its surface it is important to support the proper function of these glands. The natural secretions of these glands will not only reverse any tissue dehydration, it will also provide your uvula it with a healthy fluid coating that gives it anti-microbial anti-trauma protection.

8. Protect your uvula against age-related decline – Even if you manage to avoid all common triggers for uvulitis, you still can’t escape the detrimental effects that aging has on your uvula tissue. The only way to counter this age-related decline is to focus on three things. First, support the health of your uvula’s epithelial surface on the outside and the connective tissue & musculature on the inside by providing them with nourishing compounds that improve their function. Second, maintain the local immunity of your uvula so that it is neither prone to infections (weak immune function) nor allergies (hyper-immune function). Finally, ensure that your uvula’s moisture barrier remains strong so it can defend itself from irritants.

Remember, unless you address every single one of these targets at the same time, you will leave open a gap in your therapy that may become a doorway for the problem to return. On the positive side, the best part about this multi-pronged approach is that even if you aren’t completely sure about what really caused your symptoms, your uvula will be given the protection it needs to be completely healthy again.

In short, this 8 step approach leaves nothing to chance.
Which begs the question…


Why do we need an 8 step approach?

Why not just take a lozenge, do salt water gargles or in worst cases, why not just take an antibiotic? Shouldn’t the problem be resolved if you simply target the most probable cause of your symptoms?

Because uvulitis often comes back in cases where the sufferer does not target all the 8 underlying causes simultaneously.

And why does uvulitis keep coming back when this 8 step approach isn’t used?
Because of something known as the Uvulitis Cycle of Damage.

Once you’ve suffered through your first uvulitis flareup, a domino effect is initiated that progressively weakens your uvula, damages its tissue and slowly allows more causes to become involved in the cycle. Basically, the Uvulitis Cycle of Damage turns a small uvula irritation into a chronic condition.

Here’s how…


Why an 8 target approach?
Because of the uvulitis Cycle of Damage

With each turn of the cycle…

  • The uvula’s defenses get weaker
  • The triggers grow stronger
  • The tissue damage grows
  • The cycle repeats itself faster and faster again

Soon new triggers that weren’t involved in the cycle before now also begin to take advantage of the weak spots in your uvula’s defenses and enter the picture. The problem slowly becomes more complex and with multiple causes now involved, the it becomes much harder to find permanent relief.

And this is why you should always treat
all 8 causes of uvulitis simultaneously.

(even if you are sure what the underlying cause of your uvulitis is)

Here’s an example of how a uvula problem can start with one cause (acid erosion) and soon the cycle of damage can give rise to a completely new uvula problem:

Trigger No 1
New Trigger No 2
  • Acid erosion
  • Uvula inflamation
  • Uvula dehydration
  • Loss of anti-microbial
    mucus coating on ovula
  • Causes opportunitistic
    fungal infection
New Trigger No 2

Since all 8 causes are interrelated, treating just one cause at a time can lead you on a goose chase where you are constantly dealing with one emerging uvula problem after another. Basically, the only way to stop the uvulitis cycle of damage is to target all 8 underlying causes of uvulitis and neutralize them simultaneously.

Which brings us to our final question:

How do you accomplish all 8 therapeutic goals at the same time?

Researchers have now developed a non-prescription, all-natural uvula relief spray based on this multi-targeted approach. It is the first product of its kind which is designed to neutralize every single one of the 8 underlying causes of uvulitis and interrupt the cycle of damage in a safe & effective way.

The product is called Uvulin.