Here are 10 ways Uvulin has innovated how problems of the uvula are treated

1Helping educate consumers and health practitioners – In a recent online survey that we did of over 1200 people, only 3 out of 10 were able to properly name “the little thing that hangs at the back of our throat”. Even fewer were able to describe its function. We believe that the first step towards better healing is better awareness. How else would you be able to quickly and accurately identify a health issue, or distinguish a good product from a bad one or for that matter, differentiate good advice from a harmful one? In that regard we have gone to great lengths to research the unique physiology of the uvula by harnessing the expertise of researchers & practitioners worldwide and have openly shared our findings with everyone.

One such breakthrough that has resulted from our efforts is putting forth the 8 therapeutic targets for uvula relief. This was the first time anyone had presented an effective, comprehensive and clinically valid strategy for dealing with problems of the uvula. The identification of these therapeutic goals in itself is a big leap in how we treat uvula issues and it was introduced by Uvulin to help patients and doctors make more informed decisions. It also allows doctors to ascertain why a patient may not respond to a therapy by identifying weaknesses in their approach.

The 8 therapeutic targets for uvula relief have caused a paradigm shift that is helping our industry look at Uvulitis and age-related uvula dysfunction from a completely new perspective. Rather than simply take a one-dimensional approach that only targets one symptom or one cause at a time, it has given both doctors and patients well defined guidelines that are resulting in far better clinical outcomes than ever before. Indeed, this new approach attacks the problem on all fronts and allows the sufferer to find reliable relief even where other therapies fail. Best of all, this therapeutic approach goes beyond offering a solution to pathological problems of the uvula and has even shown benefits for people who want to keep their uvula healthy in the long run.

However our biggest victory (in our admittedly biased view) is that our efforts have lead to a renewal of interest in a niche that had been previously ignored by pharmaceutical firms and brushed off by health practitioners. If all that comes out of our undertaking at the end is a better product from a better company or more vigilance by more doctors, we will consider our endeavor a success.

2Creating the first uvula specific product – While introducing new treatment guidelines helped establish a standard by which researchers could model more effective therapies, a natural progression of our efforts was to actually develop a product based on these new guidelines ourselves. This allowed Uvulin to become the first product that addressed every single one of the 8 therapeutic targets of uvulitis relief. It leverages our years of research and offers a unique solution in a simple, easy-to-use uvula spray. Most importantly, since we are at the forefront of uvula-centric research, our product improves as our knowledge grows. This ensures that you get the most advanced and clinically up-to-date formula at any given time. This is also why Uvulin currently goes beyond the recommended 8 therapeutic targets of uvulitis relief and addresses an additional 9th target (antioxidant protection) because of an increasing trend in oral cancers and new studies linking them to uvulitis.

3The most extensive natural oral therapy ever made – When we first developed Uvulin, our goal was to create a product that left nothing out. It had to address all therapeutic targets necessary for comprehensive uvula relief, no matter what the cause. It also had to do this safely. With 8 therapeutic goals being targeted from multiple pathways, we had to rely on a broad diversity of natural compounds to accomplish this complex task. As a result, our research team identified no less than 15 key ingredients that proved central to our goal of providing complete uvula protection. This list of ingredients eventually grew to 20 pure and potent extracts, making Uvulin the most extensive oral spray product ever developed.

4Pure and potent extracts with long lasting protection – Uvulin’s dose dispensing method (an oral spray) is designed to provide instant delivery of its beneficial compounds directly on the tissue that needs it most – the uvula surface. However, this delivery method also poses a potential limitation. Unlike capsules that allow you to deliver relatively larger amounts of substances within the body, sprays sometimes limit your ingredient dosage because of the small volume of product dispensed. Uvulin solves this problem by incorporating ingredients in their most potent form. This allows each spray pump (dose) to deliver enough active compound to your uvula to ensure a marked therapeutic effect. So pure and potent are the ingredients in Uvulin that it takes over 35 pounds of raw herbs to simply make enough raw material for a single bottle of our product.

5Deeper delivery of active compounds – One major benefit of using an oral spray over capsules is that it allows the active compounds to work directly at the site of the irritation from the outside-in. However, not all the problems of the uvula are limited to its outer lining. For example, our uvula has canals that allow it secrete large amounts of saliva when necessary and these canals can become doorways for microbes to go deep within the tissue and cause widespread damage. Or take for instance the age-related loss of collagen in our uvula’s deeper layers which leads to its progressive elongation. Neither of these problems can be solved by simply acting on the surface. You have to go deeper inside to resolve these issues.

Fortunately, Uvulin does exactly that. Besides ensuring that each ingredient is pure and potent, Uvulin also ensures that each ingredient included is in its most bioavailable form. Take curcumin for instance. While many clinical studies have validated curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, pure curcumin has less than 60% bioavailability. This is why the Uvulin formula uses a proprietary 95% turmeric extract complex that not only delivers substantial amounts of curcumin with each dose but also drastically increases its bioavailability to the deeper layers.

Beyond that the Uvulin formula also includes bioenhancer compounds that further increase the absorption of active ingredients into the uvula tissue. Take for example our aloe vera gel extract which increases the absorption of Vitamin C by 200%, allowing it to exert its antioxidant and collagen boosting effects in the connective tissue layer where these benefits are needed the most. Another such bioenhancer is our proprietary garlic extract which increases the overall absorption of all the other ingredients in the Uvulin formula many times fold.

6Smart formulation techniques – Successfully neutralizing all 8 causes of uvulitis simultaneously is no easy task. To effectively interrupt the cycle of damage you have to dismantle ongoing pathological processes by targeting them at multiple points. So in reality you are addressing far more than 8 targets which creates a completely new issue. It make the formulation process much more complex.

The truth is, you cannot keeping adding a new active ingredient each time you want to address a new therapeutic sub-target. For any particular formulation, there is a point after which adding any more ingredients also adds to its side effects and the overall benefit increase is marginal – also known as the law of diminishing returns.

If the Uvulin formula included a different active ingredient for every single therapeutic sub-target, there simply wouldn’t be enough space in the bottle to include all compounds in sufficient amounts to exert a strong enough therapeutic effect. Even worse, as the number of ingredients would go up, so would inter-ingredient interactions and the possibility of side effects.

So how does Uvulin solve the problem of effectively targeting all therapeutic sub-targets while still negating the risk of side effects? It does this in two ways…

Redundancy. Almost every single active ingredient in the Uvulin formula is responsible for addressing more than one specific therapeutic sub-target at a time. This proves beneficial for two reasons. First, every therapeutic target is addressed multiple times from multiple points by multiple ingredients. For example, while the active compound in garlic extract kills harmful bacteria directly, active compounds in our marshmallow extract clear harmful bacteria indirectly by stimulating phagocytosis. This kind of overwhelming counter response to the threat increases the likelihood of completely neutralizing it. The second benefit of having this kind of overlapping, redundant activity is that you can accomplish the same result with far fewer ingredients.

However, Uvulin still does include 20 different ingredients and is admittedly far from a simple formulation. This brings us to our second formulation technique…

Synergy. Synergy is the use of ingredients that either complement each other or neutralize a particular negative aspect of another ingredient. Yes a large part of the 5 years that we took to perfect our formula were spent on adjusting the relative amounts of the individual ingredients in Uvulin to reach peak synergy. While many other ingredients would have had the desired therapeutic activity we were looking for, the specific ingredients that finally made their way into the Uvulin formula are the ones that promote synergy. Take for example, the licorice extract and the marshmallow extract found in Uvulin. Though individually both extracts are known to help soothe mucosal tissue sores, when taken together this effect is considerably amplified. The same goes for our ginger & garlic extract combination, Vitamin C & aloe vera extract combination and ginkgo biloba & bilberry extract combination.

In short, the reason why Uvulin works so well is because the overall formula is more effective than the sum of its parts.

7A product based on reliable science – Every single one of the 20 ingredients found in Uvulin has earned its place in our formula only after multiple clinical studies validated its therapeutic effect. After these ingredients were cleared based on independent clinical evidence, we involved experienced formulators with backgrounds in pharmacology and naturopathic medicine to help us create a safe and effective product. Along the way, we relied heavily of medical practitioners and studied the issues they faced in their practices when dealing with uvula problems. This constantly guided our efforts and allowed us to devote more resources to the problems that needed to be solved first. For example, it helped us realize that rebound uvulitis flareups are a lot more common than the medical literature lead us to believe.

However, the most important part of the product development equation is also an ongoing one – the end user feedback. Uvulin users have helped us perfect our formula more than any other clinical element. Whether it is increasing the viscosity of our mucilage containing ingredients or simply improving the taste (leads to better compliance), Uvulin users have been a key partner in our quest to create a product that truly delivers what it promises.

8 Tissue-specific ingredients – This is a subtle concept that is often overlooked by formulation teams and yet it can make the difference between a product that works and one that doesn’t. The first step in formulating a natural product is identifying the ingredients that can help you address your particular set of therapeutic targets. So far we have explained how Uvulin uses pure and potent ingredients that have not only passed the test of rigorous clinical scrutiny, they also have reliable safety profiles. Most of the time, the ingredient selection process would end here and a discussion on dosing would start.

However, when you are discussing a product like Uvulin that is designed to focus its effect on one specific sub-type of tissue (our uvula’s mucosa), suddenly a new and more important formulation criteria emerges:

How will the target tissue react when directly exposed to these ingredients?

Bear in mind, Uvulin works by bathing your uvula tissue in a nutrient rich liquid formula. This kind of direct application of ingredients is not possible for conditions that affect tissues you cannot get direct access to. Fortunately our uvula is in fact directly accessible, so we do not need to be bound by formulaic thinking that says let’s give the sufferer these ingredients in an ingestible form and let them work from the inside-out. This process would be inefficient, the effect would be slower, much of the ingredients would be lost to the digestive process and net result would be a weak benefit to the uvula since the ingredients’ effects would be shared body-wide.

While direct application does provide fast and focused healing, it raises a new question. Does the ingested effect of an ingredient translate equally well when it is applied topically to the uvula? The truth is, most often it does not. Take for example a natural ingredient called sanguinaria which is often recommended for sore throats and uvula ulcers. As the Uvulin team discovered early on, this ingredient is highly irritating to the uvula’s outer lining and can even wear it away. However, since the ingredient also has a numbing effect, you wouldn’t realize that your uvula was being damaged and may even turn to this ingredient repeatedly to relieve the pain as the herb’s effects wear off.

By going one step further and verifying the uvula’s specific response to this ingredient, we were able to eliminate this and many other “traditionally recommended” ingredients early in the formulation process.

In addition, this kind of meticulous qualification process has also allowed the Uvulin formulation team to include ingredients in forms that better suited for safe use on the uvula.

Take for instance something as conventional as Vitamin C. There is no doubt that it is a powerful antioxidant that also has tissue healing properties. It is often recommended in high doses during Uvulitis. However, Vitamin C in its most commonly sold form (ascorbic acid) has an acidic pH which can be irritating to the uvula. What benefits you may get from its antioxidant effect may be negated by its acidification effect. Uvulin on the other hand uses a pH-neutral form of Vitamin C which allows you to utilize its benefits without risking its side effects.

Another example is the licorice extract found in Uvulin. While this extract has shown to soothe mucosal tissue sores, the most common form of this ingredient contains a compound called glycyrrhizin. It just so happens that glycyrrhizin promotes uvula tissue edema (swelling). The Uvulin formula uses a de-glycyrrhizinated version of licorice (DGL) that is activated by your saliva and has none of the adverse effects associated with the most common form of this ingredient.

9 A remarkable deal– Our product works and we want you to try it risk free. That’s why despite all the efforts that have gone into developing it and the immense number of therapeutic compounds it contains, we have priced Uvulin low enough so that you can use it as often as you’d like without having to worry about its cost.

We also realize that only thing more important that effective relief is timely relief. This is why every order of Uvulin is shipped out next day air at no extra cost*. You’re also provided with round-the-clock customer service if you ever need it.

Finally, the true litmus test of our how ardently we stand behind our product is our one of a kind guarantee. Every Uvulin order is backed with an unconditional, 365 day, 100% money back guarantee. You can take all the time you need to put our product to the test and evaluate it thoroughly. If at the end, our product doesn’t over-deliver on its promise, we’ll just as thankfully refund your money as we charged it but not before expressing our gratitude for giving our product a try.

10Remarkable Service – Uvulin is a remarkable product backed by an equally remarkable team. Whether you’re someone who simply wants to learn more about the uvula and how to keep it healthy or a customer that wants to find fast relief, you’ll find our staff ready to assist you 24 hours a day by phone, chat and email. Our staff is driven by one goal – we want to help improve the quality of your life in whatever small way we can. To stay true to that purpose our customer service department is staffed by well informed individuals, our shipping department is staffed by punctual, detail oriented people and our research team is comprised of people who crave pushing the envelope of our knowledge further. The end result is an experience like none other. We really hope you’ll give us a chance to set a new, unparalleled benchmark for your next online purchase.