FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the directions to use Uvulin?
Simply point the nozzle extension towards the back of your throat and spray two to three times. You can also use the spray to soothe and protect the throat, tonsils or any nearby tissue that is irritated. For maximum benefit, don’t eat or drink anything for 5 minutes. This will allow the liquid to form a protective moisturizing coating on your uvula surface while the active ingredients seep into the deeper layers to heal the tissue from the inside-out. Since the Uvulin formula is all-natural, it can be used as often as you need to find relief. For maintenance purposes, spray your uvula twice a day to provide it ongoing protection from common irritants such as microbes, acid, allergens, etc.

What happens once I spray my uvula with your product?
As soon as you use the Uvulin spray, the active ingredients immediately get to work and defend your uvula against active threats. Its liquid formula nourishes your uvula tissue and soaks it in a healing blend of soothing compounds that target all 7 pathologic causes of uvulitis and natural age-related uvula dysfunction. Besides providing fast symptomatic relief, consistent use of Uvulin also helps slowly return your uvula’s physiology back to normal. Since Uvulin also fortifies your uvula’s natural defenses, you can soon stop using the product without worrying about rebound flare-ups. Beyond this point many decide to use Uvulin once a day to protect the uvula from age-related dysfunction and keep its tissue healthy for the long term.

What if I have a throat infection or tonsil infection and not necessarily a uvula infection? Will it help me with that as well?
Absolutely. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredients in the Uvulin formula also exert the same beneficial effects on all soft tissue structures around your uvula. By extending these therapeutic effects over all nearby mucosal tissue structures, Uvulin also creates an effective barrier which prevents the flow-over of inflammation from these nearby tissues into the uvula.

What if I have an infection now, is it too late to order the product?
Not at all. In fact it is even more crucial now to shorten the inflammatory phase and limit the damage to your uvula tissue. Remember, the healing phase lasts a lot longer than the acute inflammatory phase. So the sooner you provide your uvula with the nourishing compounds in the Uvulin formula the lesser the damage, however the longer you expose your uvula to these healing substances, the more likely you are to reverse any existing injury. In either case, you should be supporting your uvula’s function by intervening in the healing process rather than leaving it to chance.

What if my symptoms aren’t that bad?
Uvulitis symptoms are not always reliable indicators of the damage being done to your uvula tissue. Even minor inflammation can be extremely damaging to the uvula’s sensitive tissue and the uvula can even experience in the absence of symptoms (for example age related dysfunction). Remember, if you are lucky enough to be aware of an uvula problem because of the presence of any symptoms, you should take prompt action to neutralize the underlying damage process and help revive the health of your uvula.

What if my symptoms are getting better?
Improving symptoms don’t always mean that the uvula damage is going to heal or that the repair process will fully recover your uvula’s function. Remember, scarring is also the result of our natural healing process and once our uvula forms any scar tissue part of its function is lost permanently. Since our uvula tissue is small to begin with, even minute losses in its function can have wide ranging effects on our health. This is why it is important to provide your uvula with compounds that ensure proper tissue regeneration even after the symptoms have subsided so that as the healing process completes, your uvula comes out with its function fully intact.

Can I use Uvulin to keep my uvula healthy even if I don’t have a uvula infection?
Absolutely. Even if you manage to avoid the common pathological problems that affect the uvula (infections, acid erosion, allergies, etc) you will still have to contend with the detrimental effect that aging has on your uvula. Fortunately, Uvulin is designed to target both pathological and age-related uvula issues. It provides your uvula tissue with a wide variety of nourishing compounds on a consistent basis, allowing you to counter the effect of aging and keep it healthy for life.

Can children use Uvulin?
Because uvulitis can be especially dangerous for children, it is important to have your child be examined by a doctor. We do not recommend self-medicating of children when it comes to issues of the uvula.

Should I use it if I have trouble breathing or swallowing?
Uvulitis is a condition that can turn dangerous very quickly. Since our uvula is located close to the epiglottis and tonsils, the spreading of the inflammation or infection to these nearby tissues can cause an emergency situation requiring immediate treatment. If you have trouble breathing or swallowing, seek immediate medical care.

Will it help my snoring?
Many Uvulin users have reported getting much better sleep after using our product. We even get feedback from the spouses of our customers telling us how our product has improved their sleep as well because their partners no longer snore. Indeed, Uvulin helps prevent snoring in two different ways. In the short term by keeping the uvula moist, it prevents the constant grazing of dry mucosal surfaces that lead to the sound of snoring. However, in the long term it can actually help reverse the root cause of snoring by improving the tone of the uvula tissue so that it no longer droops low enough during sleep to touch the opening of our windpipe.

What if I feel better by the time your product arrives, won’t ordering it be pointless?
Uvulin packages typically arrive within 24 hours of the order being placed. Even if you are beginning to feel better by this time it is important to note that our uvula has the tendency to heal poorly and that’s why you should support its health during this phase. Many times, even as our symptoms alleviate, the uvula forms scar tissue as part of its repair process. By nourishing your uvula tissue with the active compounds in Uvulin during this crucial healing period, you can steer the tissue repair process away from scarring and regenerate healthy tissue. In essence, you ensure that you recover all of your uvula’s functions. On the positive side, delivering the healing compounds in Uvulin to the site of damage can halt and even reverse some this permanent damage.

Are there any side effects to Uvulin?
Uvulin is a 100% natural product that is free of side-effects. Now we realize that just because something is natural doesn’t always mean it is safe. This is why Uvulin is made under strict GMP guidelines by FDA registered facilities. In addition, every single one of our ingredients was specifically chosen to be gentle on the oral mucosa.

Even the form in which the ingredients are available in our formula are specifically selected to be side-effect free. For example, although Vitamin C has many health benefits, it typically comes in an acidic from. While this may not be an issue for other health conditions, it can promote irritation of our uvula’s outer lining. Uvulin uses a pH neutral form of Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) which promotes uvula healing without irritating its sensitive surface. Similarly our aloe extract is free of its latex components which is known to be harsh on mucousal tissue. In short, Uvulin is as gentle as it is effective.

I have an elongated uvula, will it help me?
An elongated uvula is often the result of either repeated inflammatory damage to its muscle tone or age-related decline in tissue function. Uvulin addresses both these causes of uvula elongation. I helps improve the tone of your uvula tissue and helps tighten it by targeting both the epithelial surface and the connective tissue underneath. Click here to see exactly how Uvulin does this.

I recurrently get uvulitis, will it help me?
Uvulin was designed to specifically stop the recurring cycle of uvulitis damage. This is why it is the only product that takes a multi-pronged approach that targets all triggers of chronic uvulitis simultaneously. This is the only way to effectively and rapidly interrupt the uvulitis cycle of damage from progressing.

Is your product guaranteed?
As strong as a guarantee can get. All Uvulin purchases are backed with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason Uvulin does not measure up to your expectations, simply return the empty bottles for a prompt refund. No return authorization numbers or convoluted procedures. Requesting a refund is as simple as calling our 24 hour help line at 1.844 44 UVULA (US/Canada) or
+1.516.77 UVULA (International). Best of all, we don’t hold you to a narrow 30 day, 60 day or even a 90 day period to reconsider your purchase. You’ll have 1 full year from the time the product arrives at your door step to see how well our product keeps your uvula healthy. So take your time, use it and thoroughly test it without having to worry about short deadlines.

How do I place an order?
The two best ways to order Uvulin are either online through our order page or by calling our support line at 1.844 44 UVULA (US/Canada) or +1.516.77 UVULA (International). No matter what option you choose, your order will be processed securely and arrive just as fast.

Is the order process secure?
Our website is both PCI compliant and uses Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to secure all communications and information transfer on our website. Though we never store your credit card information on our servers, we even take the temporar transfer of your billing information to our merchant’s secure gateway seriously. Our SSL protocol goes beyond the 128 bit encryption and uses a 256 bit encryption, giving your data more robust protection. We never sell your information to third party providers. Our strict privacy policy ensures that any information you provide us is dealt with responsibly and in-line with industry best standards. However, if you would still rather simply order by phone, rest assured our lines are LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us anytime of the day at 1.844 44 UVULA (US/Canada) or +1.516.77 UVULA (International).

What if I want to talk to someone on your end?
We’d love to hear from you. Uvulin’s offices are operational 24 hours a day and you will always find a real person at our phone number and LIVE chat (no automated messages or chatbots). To learn more about the different ways you can get in touch with us visit our contact us page.